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Dear readers, we all are living in the golden era of computers & gadgets. In this dynamic world, one must be updated with current knowledge & must be able to upgrade himself with the changing global scenario.
Internet, one of the important parts of our day to day life offers us many things. Social networking is one part of it. Almost every one of us is much familiar with many social networking sites such as face book, twitter, orkut, whatsapp, pinterest, tumbler, instagram, youtube & many more. Blog is also like that. Blogger is a social site having lot of importance worldwide but unfortunately, very few of us know about blogs. I feel proud of having its knowledge & using applications of blogger. So as a blogger, I’d like to share some blogging tips with you in the following article
B for Blog – Blog is a truncation of the word ‘web log’ (diary on Internet) It is a form of web diary; you can write & share with your friend, circles & public. The person writing a blog is a blogger & every article in a blog is a Blog-post. All the Blog posts in a blog are arranged in a reverse chronological order, such that fresh post remains at the top of the page.
Before Blogging – (Blog Vs Website) Blogs are like websites, but both are not the same. Creating a website requires lot of technical skills, knowledge of computer languages like HTML. But blogs are very simple to create & maintain. Basic computer knowledge is enough to get started with your blog & if you are a good programmer, then you can also customize your blog using HTML (As per your choice)
So anybody with basic computer knowledge can easily startup with a blog without much technical skills.
Blogging Basics – Blogs can be of various types like News Blog, Art Blog, Fashion Blog, Photo Blog, Video Blog, Bolly Blog, Study Blog, Professional Blog, Music Blog, Food Blog, Recipe Blog, Travel Blog etc.
You can choose any topic of your interest & start Blogging with it. You can start blogging in either of the two ways.
Self Hosted Blog
Free Blog
You have to pay charges ($)
No charges for basic blogging, however you can get many facilities after paying certain fees.
You get your own domain name, thus your blog address will be
Here, you are a complete owner of the blog.
In free blogging, you have to choose any blogging platform & your address will be or
You are not the complete owner of the blog as you are posting on another platform.
You can start earning through your blog
Free Blogs have many restrictions related to earning, so they don’t allow you easily to earn or they may ask for their share
Here we will basically talk about free Blog. In a free blog, you can enjoy lots of facilities after paying certain fees or you can also choose to go on completely free blogging.
Blogging Platforms – Many blogging platforms are available on internet, through which you can choose free blogging.
The two most popular of them are A) & B)
Both have their own features merits & demerits, which you can understand better by using your web browser.
Do I have a Blog? - Yes, I have started a blogging in Sept 2015 with this is my first blog for all my artist friends to fulfill the art hunger. This is a free blog.
You can visit my blog at or simply enter dhavalsartblog in your google search box & click on the proper link to access my blog. You can also publish your comments in the comment box below, using your gmail account.
Blogging Benefits – 1) Platform for your skill & talent
2) A good Hobby
3) You can earn through Blogging
4) Recognition on Internet
5) Experience of Blogging
6) Worldwide contacts & followers
7) Plus point in your resume that you are a blogger
8) Use it for your profession/ business advt.
Step by Step Guide (for
Basic requirements: A Gmail account, Blogging topic & information, Creativity
  1. Search Blogger login & click on the link
  2. Enter Email id & password
  3. Choose a Domain name & create a Blog
After completing all the formalities on the screen, you get a blogger dashboard
Now, you can anytime
Start Blogging
Post & publish Articles
Change & customize templates
Change layouts
Add/ remove gadget from layouts
Share it with your friends
So, what are you waiting for? Go & get started with your own blog.
Any question/ query just ask Google & get your how-to’s answered.
And lastly, don’t forget to mail me the link of your blog at

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