Sunday, 4 October 2015


Unlike pencil sketches we can also make sketches using pens ( inkpen/ ballpen)

However, this is not much popular or widely scoped art. Bur for fun, we can definately try it.

Take a look at the ink pen & ball pen painting techniques.


A) Give ink dots/ dashes/ stars on paper with ink & immediately spread them to form designs

B) Draw a picture by inkpen on wet paper.

C) Make textures by using ball pen linings & techniques like hatching.


1) Dip a thread in ink bottle & place it on paper on witch you have to make a design in one of the given shapes.

2) Be sure that one end of the thread comes outside the paper.

3) Place another rough paper on it to cover the thread except its outer end.

4) Place your hand on the upper paper & apply some pressure.

5) Hold the outer end of the thread by other hand & pull the thread out of the two papers.

6) Remove upper rough paper & the design is ready.

Try more of such fun works & mail me your thoughts & ideas.

Enjoy reading.

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