Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Have you ever even thought about using nice, warm, aromatic coffee in your mug to paint a picture?

Coffee painting can make that no other medium can.

The texture of coffee is a challenge. It has more elastic properties than a normal paint. It is stickier when you apply it with brush.

Lets make it together.

Materials Required:-

Instant Coffee Powder
3D Gold Liner (Optional)
Plain Varnish (Optional)

How to do it ?

1) Draw a Picture or a design on paper and outline it with 3D Gold liner

2) Mix Coffee Powder in water in different quantities to get different shades of colors
    (Pale yellow to brown)

3) Color the picture in different shades made with coffee.

4) Once the whole painting dried give on it a plain varnish coating to protect your painting from the dust.

5) That's it, you are ready with a pleasing coffee painting.

Try these & other mediums too & mail me your thoughts about using different mediums for painting.

Let the aroma fill your painting too.

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