Monday, 23 November 2015


How many of you have experienced your childhood hours spent with your spirograph set?

Spirgraph is a trademark of a 1960’s plastic toy which is used to draw intricate curved patterns
(hypotrochoids and epitrochoids) using interlocking plastic wheels and toothed rings of different sizes.

We literally can make countless amazing circular patterns by using this toy.

And believe me, it’s not just a kiddy stuff. Even young & old people also love to spend their time with
spirograph. Some people are just mad for this (including me!!!)

These are some patterns I have made with my old spirograph set bought before 5 years from a local
‘Gadda Jatra Fair’ just for Rs.10/- containing only 2 rings & 5 wheels

Take a look at the Spirograph Collage I have made using the same Spirograph set.

For making this collage, I used a local spirograph set containing only 2 rings [144/96 & 150/105] & 5 wheels [Wheel No. 45, 50, 52, 72 & 80]

I used normal writing colour ball pens (8 shades)

After cutting I glued all the patterns on a reflective surface.

It took me around a week to complete with it on 2-3 hours a day basis.

The Spirograph sets are very common and you can get them from e-business sites like etc.

You can get more stuff about this topic on (A must visit blog by Heather Holm for every Spirograph lover)

Also try Spirographix Version 4.2 by M. Kudlowski (Spirograph Software)

Surf more on the web to get more information on this topic and let me know more about your views and
opinions about this blog.


We draw many pictures & designs as a part of our hobby manually with our hands. But there are also
some drawing machines for making typical designs, graphs & roulette curves.

Geometry Box

Not to mention, we all know using these basic geometric drawing tools like D, compass, ruler, triangles & Pro circle from school days.

Though simple in nature, these equipments have a lot of importance in technical & mathematical drawing/ Diagrams.

The same tool mentioned above.

A trademark of a 1960’s plastic toy which is used to draw intricate curved patterns (hypotrochoids and epitrochoids) using interlocking plastic wheels and toothed rings of different sizes.

Basic version of spirograph by Kenner Toys.

Made for those kids who cant use spirograph


A mechanical apparatus, that employs pendulums to create complex geometric images.

I searched on net but failed to get the simple, understandable & cheapest procedure to make a small sized & portable harmonograph toy


A specific type of harmonograph based on the rotation of two wheels.

It is an instrument which uses rotating disks instead of pendulums to create complex geometric images.


These are the most complex intrinsic roulette curves 

These patterns are used in printing of currency notes, bonds, degree certificates, passports etc to stop forgery. For more information on guilloche, go to (Guilloche Liabrary). It has hundreds if ready to use guilloche patterns and softwares.

Collect more information on this topic from internet.

Surf more & tell me about more drawing machines. Also mail me your ideas & opinions about this post.


  1. Well done, Dhaval. Thank you for the mention. You have made the most of a small set of Spirograph parts. Keep drawing, and keep me posted.

  2. Very nice. I am just a beginner. I hope to master it in time. Thanks for the info. I am bookmarking your site. ; )

    1. thanks for visiting...glad u found the site....u will surely master in spirographing... just be connected with us for more updates...enjoy spirographing

  3. Very nice. I am bookmarking your page. ; )