Friday, 20 May 2016


I have read this art form many years ago in a kid’s supplement of daily newspaper.

It was named as Abhri Drawing in that article. I searched a lot on internet with this name but couldn’t get anything.

So I don’t know the actual name of this art, but whatever it be, it is marvelous.

After reading the article I immediately tried that and it was a success.

Here are some Abhri patterns that I have made 4 to 5 years ago.

Don’t worry I will explain the process of doing this written in the center of this image in Marathi.

1) Take a flat widespread vessel or a tray filled with water.

2) add some water soluble glue in it [if you have it] or leave this step

3) Sprinkle few drops of oil paint or oil based watercolor in water and let the drops float on
     The surface of water. Don’t steer the colors into the water]

4) Colors will float on water due to oil content

5) In a few seconds, a design like above will be created on the water surface

6) Gently put the paper on water surface [put the drawing side of the page on water]
    And let it be like that for 1-2 minutes

7) Hold two opposite corners of the paper and carefully lift the paper and let it dry completely.

8) Finally you will get a wonderful texture on water imprinted on your paper

9) Use this paper as a base for greeting, origami or for further drawing & gift it to your closer one.

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