Monday, 9 May 2016


Imprint Drawing is one of the best topics of my interest. It comprises of painting with the impressions of different objects such as onion, ladyfinger, tree leaves, textured cloths like sac/ net etc.

What you have to do is just take an object with which you want to paint, cut it if it’s needful, apply paint to that object and stamp it on the paper. That’s it!!!

You can make Paintings/ Greetings using this Technique or you can also make a texture by repetitive stamping

Following are some examples of imprints that I have tried with different objects.


1)    Ladyfinger
2)    Onion
3)    Fingerprint
4)    Leaf
5)    Flower & Leaves
6)    Rope
7)    Neem Leaves
8)    Leaves
9)    Fingerprint
10)    Leaf
11)    Ladyfinger
12)    Palm & footprints
13)    Coin
14)    Coin
15)    Cloth
16)    Net Cloth
17)    Sac
18)    Thermocol Sheet.

Let me know about more of such imprints from your side. Also send me a design you have made using these techniques in combinations.

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