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I am passionate about making ambigrams from last 7 years, since I was in school. So i'm feeling really pleased to present you with my passion-art-project on AMBIGRAMS

Ambigram is a form of typography where you can read a same/ sometimes different word in two dimensions, usually when rotated through 180*.
Also known as:
Vertical Palindromes (1965),
Designatures (1979),
Inversions (1980)
This art is a blend of Typography, Symmetry & Optical illusions

In spite of visiting online ambigram generators on the net, I was not satisfied because I failed to get all ambigram characters to allow us to easily create words on our own.

So I decided to make it on my own.

Here I present the chart and the method to use it.


All the charectors in the above chart are designed by me & it took me around a month & a lot of hardwork to complete with it.

I know it’s not as perfect as it should be, but you can help to develop or replace the characters with better ones by mailing me your ideas on dhavalsartblog@gmail.com

*Create your own ambigram

1) Write a word (DHAVAL)

2) Write the same word in reverse order below the 1st word (LAVAHD)
(You can also take the reverse of another word having same no. of alphabets)

3) Make Pairs
(D-L, H-A, A-V, V-A, A-H, L-D)

4) Find the 1st part of the pair in the column & 2nd part in the row
 & note down the Character at the point of intersection (D-L)

5) Do it with all pairs & note all the intersections in the order of pairs.

6) Your ambigram is ready.

Now you can customize & decorate your tattoo using your skills & creativity.

7) Ambigram of ‘Dhaval’ created by using Flipscript.com - online ambigram generator


FlipScript.com is a marvelous site by Mark Hunter which deals with Ambigrams. You can Create & Buy products of Ambigram with your name on FlipScript Ambigram Generator

Ambimatic is the other ambigram generator available on the net

Ambigrams got more popularity after the release of 'Angels & Demons'- An English Movie containing 5 Beautifully Created Ambigrams
1) Illuminati
2) Earth
3) Air
4) Fire
5) Water
Probably all of them were created by World Known Ambigramist John Langdon.

JohnLangdon.com & wowtatoos.com are also remarcable sites for random Ambigram Tatoos.

Ambigrams Revealed: one of the must read book for ambigram lovers by Nikita Prokhorov, Containing hundreds of ambigrams by different ambigramists all around the world

Wordplay is also an importent book on ambigrams by John Langdon.

Lots of blogs are also made on ambigrams

Following is a list of some world known ambigramists whose ambigram artworks are available on web

John Langdon, Cleber Faria, Elwin Gill, Mark Palmer, Nicholas Gilbert, Carl “COSM” Mehling, Seb Lester, NAGFA, Clayton Mabey, Jen Winklepleck, Bastian Pinnenberg, Eugene Uymatiao,Kai Hammond, Alejandro Ayala, Dave Bailey, Cleber Faria, Javier Sanchez Galvan, Brett J. Gilbert, Tiffany Harvey, Scott Kim, Charles Krausie, Andrey Kruglov, Robert Maitland, Niels Shoe Meulman, David Moser, Vineeth Nair, Lisa Nemetz, Robert Petrick, Nikita Prokhorov, Rammer Martínez Sánchez, Cheryl Savala, Martin Schmetzer, Prajyot Damle, Daniel Dostal, Brett J. Gilbert, Nabil Harb, Mark Hunter, Homero Larrain, Seb Lester, Vineeth Nair, Awang Purba, Mark Simonson, Martijn Slegers, Krzysztof Sliwa, Jessica, Southwick, Stefan Vasilev, Jan Zabransky

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