Monday, 4 July 2016


Sand can be a good medium of painting
Material required:-
Paper, glue, different colored sands, Varnish (Optional)
Take Rangoli Powder if you want to keep it simple but if you really want to make real & original sand paintings then go for manual collection of sand like
1) Black farm soil,
2) White Chinese/ multani soil/Chalk powder/ Gypsum Crush/ Plaster of Paris,
3) Red Brick powder,
4) Gray cement/ dust
5) Brown muddy soil
1) Draw a picture on paper and keep it simple while doing it for the first time
2) Apply glue evenly on the part to be painted. Do it in part by part
3) Sprinkle the sand on glue and fill the glued part with the sand
4) After it gets dried, remove the excess sand on the paper by gently tapping the paper
5) Complete the painting part by part.
6) Spray mixture of 80% glue & 20% water on the picture to get the sand affixed with paper.
7) Allow some time to dry 
8) Apply varnish if you think it fit.
Here’s my try of sand painting.

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