Wednesday, 13 July 2016



Hey I’m not doing any washing powder add. I’m talking about color stains on paper.

Stains can be used to make an abstract painting.

What you have to do is just make the paper clumsy by stains.

Don’t do this literally. Follow the instructions.


1) Put color/ ink drops on the top border of the paper.
    Hold the paper in both your hands in a standing position & let the colors flow to bottom.
2) Sprinkle some color drops on paper
3) Put a big color drop on paper and blow it from the top of the drop. It will spread like a stain.
4) Dip the toothbrush in color and spray it on the paper by rubbing your thumb on the toothbrush
5) Use some imprint drawing tools like ladyfinger/ tree leaves to print its impressions on paper.
6) Use different colors and make an abstract beautiful.

Here I have made an abstract. Take a look.

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